On March 31st they share new song, Mastodon, which will release his 7th studio album. The third piece from the Atlantean metal “Emperor of Sand” album also responds unexpectedly with the new piece “Andromeda”.

Brann Dailor, who recently made statements about the theme of his new album, did not forget to add something new. Meanwhile, a new video was released from the album production phase. Dailor “Everyone in the world on the internet hello, we have some fun and exciting news to share with you, and now we can not wait. That’s why we launched balloons to celebrate our new studio album ‘Emperor of Sand’, really starting on March 31st! 11 new pieces, so cool! Give this sesten a pre-order and start immediately “Sultan’s Curse”. Visit Mastodonrocks.com for more album information, including some fun packages you can choose from. “Was found in the description. You can listen to the new song from the following link.

Emperor of Sand

1 – Sultan’s Curse
2 – Show Yourself
3 – Precious Stones
4 – Steambreather
5 – Roots Remain
6 – Word to the Wise
7 – Ancient Kingdom
8 – Clandestiny
9 – Andromeda
10 – Scorpion Breath
11 – Jaguar God